jueves, agosto 26, 2010

From me to you...

Dear Prudence, imagine our dear Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
Maybe she had a Hard day´s night or a devil in her heart
and needs a little help from my friends, a little rhyme,
a shot of rhythm and blues, a taste of honey,
a travel across the universe.

Act naturally please... Isn’t she sweet.
All I´ve got to do is give her all my loving,
and don´t ask me why!

Because... you can´t buy my love...
Baby, you can drive my car, but don´t pass me by,
I just beg you... Don´t let me down.

Whenever you think of me, you'll remember:
here comes the sun, and you'll feel fire in your heart..

I got a woman and when I saw her standing there,
I want to hold her hand, so...

Good day sunshine, from me to you, bye
Por: Erika Aspiazu
Inspirado por: The Beatles

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